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The Saint Lawrence Press is dedicated to the preservation of the classical Roman Liturgy and seeks especially to raise awareness of both the continuity and contiguity of the process of liturgical reform before and after the Second Vatican Council. To meet these aims the Saint Lawrence Press publishes an Ordo Recitandi.

The Ordo Recitandi contains the necessary information enabling those who wish to celebrate the traditional Divine Office and Mass to identify those variable parts for each day in the Liturgical year. 

We will, in due course, be presenting evidence to challenge the popular hypothesis that reform of the Roman liturgy started with the Second Vatican Council.   A  comparison is currently available showing, in a simplified way, how the Mass and Office found in the Missal and Breviary of St Pius V (the 'Tridentine rite') compare with those found at the end of the pontificate of Pius XI (1939), in 1956, in 1962 and in the rite mandated by Paul VI.   Further discussion on the liturgical changes, particularly those of the 1950's and 1960's, will be added as time permits.

The Saint Lawrence Press is a private company and is not a religious organisation. It is not affiliated to any religious group or other organisation. The company's directors do not draw any remuneration from the company and any operating profit is used to further research and development.

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