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The Ordo Recitandi is the flagship publication of the Saint Lawrence Press. The Ordo Recitandi contains the necessary directions for those who wish to sing the Office and Mass of any day in the Liturgical Year according to the classical Roman Rite. The Ordo Recitandi details those changes which arise due to the interaction of the Temporal and Sanctoral cycles. In addition the Ordo Recitandi contains detailed information concerning the celebration of the various classes of Votive Masses e.g. Masses of External Solemnities, rubrics for the Forty Hours. The Ordo Recitandi follows the format of Roman Ordines that were produced for the Universal Calendar in the late 1930s following the fifth editio post typicam of the Roman Missal that was promulgated by SRC in 1939. The Ordo Recitandi is written entirely in Latin.

 Price per copy - £10.00 plus postage - see table below to show cost with postage.  For International Orders please visit the Royal Mail site to see which Zone your country is in.  For other quantities please contact us.

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